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Diploma Of
Cabin Crew Managements

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International Diploma of Cabin Crew Managements in MAST Academy

For the young girls, becoming a “Air Hostess” is a dream come true. Everyone’s dream is to be able to fly. And if you have the opportunity to pursue your passion as a career!

Program Expertise

Organizational Manual

Designed specifically to aid in the personalization of courses for any air aviation industrial with specific needs in the corporate world by locating the model that best meets their needs.

International Diploma

A specialized certification that demonstrates professional standards of core competency for personnel in the Cabin Crew and Manage passenger interactions in a variety of circumstances

Outcome Qualification

This programme focuses on what happens before, during, and after training, as well as what to do if learning is not the appropriate solution.

Diploma Programs

Excellent Summary of MAST Diplomas

Any organization’s success is dependent on its ability to innovate. It is not easy to turn valuable ideas into marketable products or services; visionary management is crucial. MAST Academy believes that the insights, knowledge, and skills required for this type of leadership can be gained through a comprehensive learning Journey.

  • MAST Academy Diplomas and educational programs are being presented on a personalised basis for companies and large or small groups at a custom rate, duration, and topic from the core subjects listed below.

The Programme Content

Diploma in Cabin Crew Managements

Program Overview

  • Language: Russian -English – ِArabic
  • Duration: 120 Hours
  • Degree awarded: Diploma in Cabin Crew Managements

Program Contents

  • An Excellent summary of Airlines
  • An excellent summary of the cabin crew job role
  • An excellent summary of the aviation industry
  • Protocols for safety and emergencies
  • Algorithm to learn and medical emergencies
  • An Summary of Aviation Security
  • Dangerous goods
  • A sustainable way of life for the cabin crew
  • Customer care
  • Co – ordination of crew members

Program Outcomes

  • We prepare you to be a more valuable member of the team by teaching you everything there is to know about the air transportation industry, including its functions and roles.
  • Sense of accountability
  • Personable personality
  • Mindfulness and initiative
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Long-term perseverance is required, as is the ability to work long hours.
  • A methodical approach to duty
  • Excellent physical appearance
  • Acquire a working knowledge of international aviation business management.
  • Develop a stronger sense of self-awareness as a leader and a leadership philosophy.
  • Present an indication of current trends and issues in civil aviation, such as aviation safety and security, law, and new technologies.

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Diploma in Cabin Crew Managements!

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