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International Diploma of Business Certificates in MAST Academy

Through a unique range of advanced Professional programmes and Consultancy Services, programmes aim to educate and develop managers to face and overcome business challenges in a rapidly changing world. The absence of boundaries is what makes the programmes so dynamic. Any course can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Program Expertise

Organizational Guide

Designed specifically to aid in the personalization of courses for any business with specific needs in the corporate world by locating the module that best meets their needs.

International Diploma

A specialized certification that demonstrates professional standards of core competency for credit personnel in the financial services industry.

Outcome Qualification

This programme focuses on what happens before, during, and after training, as well as what to do if learning is not the appropriate solution.

Diploma Programs

Explore the critical relationship between marketing strategy and sales activities by establishing strategic priorities and putting them into action to increase revenue..

By learning how to empower any organisation, you will be able to grasp the global strategic view of HR as opposed to the traditional personnel implementation.

Develop basic management techniques that will assist leaders in transforming any business and creating a motivating environment for their employees to excel.

Alludes to a boss’s ability to articulate a strategic vision for the organisation and motivate and persuade employees to put it into action.

Entrants will gain a better understanding of their teamwork strengths, development areas, and the ability to create a Leadership Development Plan.

It is intended for recent graduates who want to work in large corporations because it focuses on the most recent techniques and trends in the core areas of management and business.

Participants in the Advanced Management Program ship will learn how to become more effective and efficient managers through practical, skill-based learning.

This diploma is intended to help you develop the core competencies required to enter the Property Market as a broker, developer’s representative, or entrepreneur.

Presents attendees to the marketing and sponsorship techniques used by sports professionals and businesses marketing their brands through sport.


Excellent Summary of MAST Diplomas

Any organization’s success is dependent on its ability to innovate. It is not easy to turn valuable ideas into marketable products or services; visionary management is crucial. MAST Academy believes that the insights, knowledge, and skills required for this type of leadership can be gained through a comprehensive learning Journey.

  • MAST Academy Diplomas and educational programs are being presented on a personalised basis for companies and large or small groups at a custom rate, duration, and topic from the core subjects listed below.

The Programmes' Content

Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Program Overview

  • Language: Russian -English
  • Duration: 60 Hours
  • Degree awarded: Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Program Contents

  • Advanced Marketing Skills
  • Advanced Sales Skills
  • Customer Service Training: Managing Customer Service

Program Outcomes

  • Analyze markets, customer needs, and buying behaviors
  • Align your business with customer needs—and your marketing strategies with your business objectives
  • Determine strengths and weaknesses of competitors and substitutes
  • Make strategic tradeoffs with a thorough understanding of the marketing implications
  • Translate your corporate strategy into Marketing and Sales strategies, qualitative and quantitative objectives, tactics, and processes
  • Build and nurture the best sales talent and go-to-market approach for each product or segment
  • Coordinate sales activities across different sales groups and throughout the enterprise
  • Establish a flexible approach that enables you to readjust strategies as needed in a changing marketplace
  • Synchronize marketing activities across your organization to create and capture more value and setting proper KPI’s

Professional Paths

Related job titles to explore

  • Marketing specialist
  • Brand manager
  • Account manager
  • Sales manager
  • Store manager

Potential employment industries

  • All industries need a marketing and sales representative

Diploma in Sales and Marketing!

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